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Donnaruma I

Donnaruma I

ROME, Italy

CO13: In the loop with LEWWWP by Holly Dilatush and Joanna Biernat

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

~ In the loop with LEWWWP by Holly Dilatush and Joanna Biernat

Joanna and Holly will present “~ In the loop with LEWWWP.”

LEWWWP = Learn English With a Worldwide Perspective, a highly interactive Ning site for learning, practicing and teaching English. [http://englishworldwide.ning.com]

Joanna, as an English language learner and co-consultant extraordinaire – and Holly, as the original founder, community manager, and current lead facilitator of classes, will share the story of LEWWWP and of our evolving relationship journey from strangers ~ to student/teacher ~ to co-managers/facilitators/developers/tech assistants of LEWWWP ~ to friends encompassing all of these roles.

The LEWWWP site launched exactly one year prior to our Connecting Online Conference presentation date (launch date Feb. 1, 2012) and has grown to a membership of 562 as of the date this application was submitted.

Collaborating together using and experimenting with various online collaboration tools and platforms, LEWWWP grew from a dream to a site now routinely visited by over 2000 people monthly.

As we share our story, we will share a virtual tour of LEWWWP, with examples highlighting how individual members (learners/teachers/volunteers) learn, practice, and teach on and from LEWWWP.

Brief info about some of the various technology tools we selected for use on LEWWWP will be reviewed (and links shared), tools for both synchronous and asynchronous meetings, for social media interconnects, for quiz creation, as audio and video recorders.

Plenty of Q & A time will be incorporated; we welcome what-worked-and-what-didn't questions, how-LEWWWP-might-fit-into-your-(or your students’)-professional-and/or-personal-worlds questions, any questions!

Everyone will be invited to "Be in the loop with LEWWWP!"

About the Host

Donnaruma I

Donnaruma I

ROME, Italy

Holly Dilatush is a 57-year-old lifelong learner who has followed an eclectic journey through life and careers: from clerical to insurance to florist to mother to full-time ‘older’ university student to ESOL educator for K-12, adult ed, workplace, refugee populations – and more! She has been teaching in the adult ESOL/EFL/ELL field for over 14 years, teaching at the adult learning center and community level in the USA, presenting at regional, state and TESOL conferences, living abroad as a visiting professor in Korea, facilitating both in-person and online classes.

Her online journey includes completion of TESOL's Principles and Practices of Online Learning, several years of Electronic Village Online (EVO) workshops, Moodles, blogs, Nings, Twitter, a masters earned online, NIFL listservs, and more ~ as learner/participant, facilitator, consultant, moderator, co-coordinator, creator and community manager.

Collaborating with Joanna to build LEWWWP has nurtured a whirlwind blending and deepening of professional and personal enrichment, friendship, intercultural awareness, and respect. And Joanna and I have yet to meet in person!

Joanna Biernat is a math teacher. As a passionate mathematician she likes developing her students’ math talents.

Additional passions are science, fantasy books, and watching stars. She tries to use the newest technology in her work and life.

Joanna is also an English language learner. She is fascinated by online learning and teaching. When she is not glued to a computer screen, she trains in Shotokan karate. Karate philosophy helps her to manage with learning English, teaching math and many daily problems. Being a student in English classes and the dojo provide powerful lessons to improve her work and life.

Joanna is the co-consultant of the LEWWWP site. Her sense of humor, detailed descriptions of some problems, and logical way of thinking help her to deal with many problematic situations.

She likes challenges and Holly, LEWWWP, teaching math, and life in general insure a steady supply!

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