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Donnaruma I

Donnaruma I

ROME, Italy

CO13: Jazz up your Classes with GOOGLE APPS

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Jazz up your Classes with GOOGLE APPS by Rita Zeinstejer

Do you have a gmail account? If you do, you need to know that there are over 25 Google Apps which can be successfully integrated into your account and into your EFL classes.
If you do not have a gmail account, then you'll now have the chance to open one and enjoy the so many tools and gadgets Google offers users for free... Or just choose the ones that meet your needs …

Several Google Apps will be shown and described during this presentation, together with lots of ideas on how to integrate them into your classes so that you and your students can work collaboratively, learn how to make presentations, create, store and share documents online, publish papers and project work to authentic audiences, work on your files from any pc, store all of your files and access them from anywhere, design your personal portfolios, collaborate and share ideas for group work, share online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using Google Drive, including Documents, Forms, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Drawings.

Differences between Google the Search Engine and Google the Browser, together with examples of how to use both, as well as tips to become a faster, smarter, more accurate web searcher will be posed.

Google Plus, the newest social networking website from Google, will be analysed in situ together with its possible uses in the classroom for collaborative purposes, and the new Google+ Communities application will also be explored and its features underlined.

Google recently rolled out the possibility of steaming and recording Google+
Hangouts. Learn how you can break down your classroom walls by using it for small projects or even as a year-long archive of lectures.

About the Host

Donnaruma I

Donnaruma I

ROME, Italy

I am a consultant in social marketing specializing in education and health. I am also parent to three great kids. I drove a lot of carpools back in the day (1993-2010 was the apex of my career as the chauffeur mom in the silver Volvo station wagon—ancient history yet ever-present), and relished spying on the candid conversations playing out in the back of the car.

My passion is storytelling. So I started surreptitiously jotting down some of the backseat banter and, as my kids grew up, noted how their language, ideas and attitudes transformed along with their bodies and brains. It was a complete anthropology lesson in teen social psychology that, as a mom, I found exasperating, but as a writer and science interpreter, I found fascinating.

The result was a flight of fancy from childhood—out of time. Literally. Begun in 1997, I have recently completed writing a screenplay, “Out of Time”, whose protagonist, Charley Morton, is a 13-year old middle school girl and self-styled Renaissance Genius, à la her Florentine Idol, Leonardo da Vinci.

I am founder and principal of WordsWork Communications where I draw on the science of storytelling to work with companies, educational institutions, nonprofits and government agencies to strengthen their brand and tailor messages to effectively reach audiences through strategic social marketing and behavior change communications. I am co-author with Richard Payes of a suspense novel, Satan’s Mortgage.

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