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Donnaruma I

Donnaruma I

ROME, Italy

CO13: Facilitating Student-Centered Learning

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Facilitating Student-Centered Learning by Use of Internet Technology Based Learning Sources; Is the Classroom Old Fashioned?

Education-Learning and teaching have faced an upheaval because of technology and creative thinking. The Internet-based technology and creative applications create a learning atmosphere that promotes far-reaching learning over a lifetime. Types of internet applications for learning, ways that they can be utilized by school personnel and others interested in learning, and benefits for individualized learning will be discussed. The use and value of the traditional classroom will be looked at.

About the Host

Donnaruma I

Donnaruma I

ROME, Italy

Dr. Aronin is the Director and founder of the Center for Technology and cognitive Health of Elderly, editor, CI-Journal, and Internet research, and researcher on technology enhanced lifelong learning.

Dr. Loeb is a retired professor of Education and is a geriatrics professional focusing on utilization and availability of communications and information technology to enable the well-being and independence of older persons from a community Informatics perspective. He is the Director and Founder of the Center for Technology and Mental Health of Elderly, which examines Information and communications technology as it enriches and contributes to well being of communities of elderly. He is also active in open source education as a member of the Community College Consortium for Open Education Resources. He has investigated technology use by elderly for four years. Projects include increasing the accessibility of technology to elderly, reviewing progress and new applications in technology, by the following activities:

1. Editor of special issue of The Journal of community informatics on information and communications technology on elderly.
2. Member, Editorial Board, Community Informatics Journal
3. Member and contributor to Gerontechnology, international organization of technology and elderly
4. Contributor AGETEK Association, trade group of Technology products for elderly
5. Participant in the “digital inclusion organization” concerned with including populations left out of the digital world.
6. Established the Center for technology and Mental Health of Older Persons
7. Member, International society of Internet Researchers
8. Member International Scientific Committee of the International Society for Gerontology.
9. He is a reviewer for several publications, The Journal of community Informatics, Journal of Informing Sciences, and Merlot online learning software organization. He is a developer of online courses, and authored several articles.
10. Board member Elderspaces

Dr. Jean Coppola is professor and researcher at Pace University, New York, using Tablets to encourage learning and positive attitudes, and Service learning by college students.

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